Consumers guide to carpet cleaning “Tips and Tricks”

We hope you enjoy reading our Consumers Guide to Carpet Cleaning “Tips and Tricks”. With over 13+ pages of useful carpet cleaning tips, nothing beats the quality of professional cleaning. While these do-it-yourself tips are great for small carpet spills or light carpet stains, nothing beats a professional carpet cleaning.

You will find out how I mix our chemicals. Yes from concentrate and not from ready to use”RTU” chemicals. This gives us power way above and beyond over the competition. Some of our chemicals are strong enough to be reduced by 256 times from concentrate. That’s one once per gallon. Do you think that’s strong, yes it is? and we can mix it even stronger

You will also learn how to tell what type of a cleaning do I need, is it always the deepest cleaning ever? Do I ever need a touch-up or a light cleaning? The answer is yes, You do need more options when it comes to carpet cleaning. We know everyone offers a multi-stage process, and some are just way too many steps.  This guide will walk you through the stages of what you should expect from any carpet cleaner, and especially Eco Clean carpet and Tile Care.  Find out what makes us different, and why so many customers keep coming back!

While our home office based in Rocklin, CA, we serve then entire Sacramento Valley with professional Eco safe carpet cleaning. As always when treating any carpet. when you have questions give us a call. Eco Clean is only a phone call away 916-905-3261

consumers guide to carpet cleaning

Consumers guide to carpet cleaning “tips and Tricks”

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