How to remove animal urine?

How to remove animal urine. Eco Clean has been asked this question over a million times, and we counted. lol Seriously if you have an animal that lives in your home, chances are you have had this problem. It’s okay, we have seen this and are prepared for it. We’re not even scared a lot only a little bit.

We mix our chemicals from a concentrate and not from ready to use “RTU” solutions. This gives us cleaning power way above and beyond the competition. This is why we have a 100% guarantee on our services because it works!

Ok so maybe you want to work a little harder at this. Let’s say you really step on all of the urine and you really think it’s all gone? Chances are you have a good percentage of urine removed but here are a couple of special tips that will really, really help with removing urine.

  • Take a towel that won’t bleed its color onto your carpet. There is a lot of ammonia in that urine and it very easily could pull color and make things a lot worse.
  • Fold the towel into a square, you can go ahead and double it up. If it’s a huge towel then really fold it up to match the size of the urine area. Just make sure it’s flat and not all bunched up.
  • Place the towel on top of the animal urine or “other urine” and gently press it down. Leave it until the towel has absorbed a good amount of it.
  • You will then either refold the towel to show a dry spot or simply flip it over if the towel is big enough. repeat the pressing down process, yes you can even stand on it. keep repeating this process until the urine is removed, or at least it feels really dry.
  • You’re very close to being done. mix 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water. 6 oz total for a 12-inch square should do the trick.
  • You then saturate the area that once was wet with urine. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Yes, you have to use another towel or hopefully your first towel is still dry enough. you need to repeat the towel step by pressing the “dry” side on the urine and pressing down on it. The trick here is to take something with a little weight to it an empty pot from the kitchen. Set this on top of the towel so that it holds the pressure down for you. You can leave it for about 15 minutes.
  • Last you will pour about 6 ounces of clean water over the area you have worked on. Replace the towel with a clean one and let it sit with that same kitchen pot for about an hour.

Now that’s “how to remove animal urine”, fast and easy with your at home supplies. If you ever need our professional help we are here for you.

When Eco Clean Carpet and Tile Care is called out for animal urine removal. We use specific chemicals for this process. They are powerful and truly remove the animal urine from the carpet. Even using the method above should make it hard for your animal to remember that they ever had an accident there before.

Our professional products work in the same method as described above. Our large truck mounts make the extraction and treatment very effective because of the huge power they bring to the match. Yes, we always win the fight with animal urine. Please keep in mind that sometimes these large areas or really heavily soiled areas they do best with a professional truck mounted setup. Don’t hesitate to call for pricing, it’s not as much as you might think it would be.

how to remove animal urine